Audacity Lesson 2 - how to duck the music under a voice track
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Audacity Lesson 2 - how to duck the music under a voice track

Audacity video tutorial : How to import music track and duck the music under a voice track

Objectives :
- Import pre-recorded tracks
- Edit pre-existing track
- Duck music track
- Arrange tracks on a timeline

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Pollyeloquent Added: 6 years ago

Kind Sir,
I found this very helpful with one exception. I am adding multiple clips/sound effects to my voiceover bits and can't seem to find a way to move a single track/sound effect to where I want it on the voiceover track. I select the track I want to move and click the time shift tool, but all the tracks move as one. I've tried selecting the portion I want to move and splitting it, but nothing changes when I do that. Can you offer some help.
Thank you,


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Posted by : dakinane
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