Guitar- How to play Nobody's home

Guitar- How to play Nobody's home

A request. I show you how to play the song (strumming pattern and chords).

I use a capo on first but if you want, don't use it.

For the intro:

-First finger on 2nd fret on D string and your ring finger on4th fret on G string, then strum in order: D string, G str., B st.,G st., e st.
- Dus2, strum strings: D, G, B, G, e
- C7/C; ; strum strings: A, D, G, D, B

Verses chords: Em, D, C
Chorus chords: Em, G, D

STRUMMING PATTERN /battements (just an idea): Down Down, Up Up Down, Down

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jmunge89 Added: 11 years ago

Hey nice video. Is there a way we can get the written tabs to your version of this song

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