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Realistic Graffiti on Brick / Wall Text in Gimp
I will teach you in this video tutorial how to make a realistic graffiti in a wall with gimp
Background wall texture:

Added : 14 years ago | Duration: 09:31
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How to make Curved Text in Gimp
How to make curved text in Gimp.
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Added : 15 years ago | Duration: 03:06
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GIMP smart selection removal (resynthesizer)
Smartly remove a selection using GIMP and the Resynthesizer plug-in (a free download).
So was she there or wasn't she?

Added : 15 years ago | Duration: 00:48
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Gimp : Grunge Text video tutorial
How to make a grunge text effect/background in Gimp
Textures :

Added : 14 years ago | Duration: 06:52
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Crazy Insane Photo Manipulation in Gimp
In this video tutorial i will show you a crazy insane photo manipulation in gimp.
STOCKS ------

Added : 14 years ago | Duration: 16:34
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