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Posted by : dakinane

open office calc tutorial 3 - Inbuilt functions within Calc
This tutorial illustrates a couple of the inbuilt functions within Calc and how to configure them. It looks at Vlookup and Countif Check out the full collection at

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Posted by : GimpKnowHow

How to make Curved Text in Gimp
How to make curved text in Gimp. Subscribe, and rate. -GKH It should be noted that also has the text version of this tutorial.

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Posted by : GimpKnowHow

How to make apple's signature gloss
How to make a gloss effect, like apple has on their products such as the iPod and iPhone. Sorry I haven't been active for a few weeks, I now have a video that has over 4000 views, thanks youtube!

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Posted by : idrawgirls

How to draw Cartoon Mouse Cartoon comics: Learn how to draw cute animal Mouse: Step by Step easy video tutorial lesson. Drawing and coloring cute little Mouse cartoon: Step by Step from basic sketching to coloring online lesson for comics cartoon illustration, manga, anime. For more tutorials:

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Posted by : videohairstyles

Celebrity hairstyles: Our take on one of Gwen Stefanis hairstyles by This hairstyle should very well be called the "Gwen Stefani" since thats where we see it all the time but I love it because its just a couple little tricks and its simple. Brought to you by and the team from studio Girault Directed by: Michael McGowen Produced by: Tiana Griego Camera Operators: Michael McGowen, Michael Weis, Carl Stewart and Chris Johnson Original Music By: David Lawrence Photography by: Del Ihle, Jim White, Von Miller and Roc

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