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Posted by : personaltrainer

Chest workout - Incline Bench Press with dumbbells - bodybuilding exercise
This exercise works on the lower and higher pectorals. Adjust the bench to a position between 30 and 60 degrees. Starting position: arms extended, dumbbells against shoulders. Go up and down slowly. Inhale when lowering, exhale when going up.

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Posted by : personaltrainer

Chest workout - bench press with barbell - bodybuilding exercise
This exercise works on the lower pectorals, anterior deltoid and triceps. Laying, put your hands on the barbell slightly higher than your shoulders, knees at right angles. You can bend and fold the legs to avoid back problems. While inhaling, slowly down the bar by placing it in the middle of the sternum, exhale putting up the bar back to the starting position (arms outstretched).

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Posted by : sousoukitchen

Cornish Hen stuffed with Couscous / Coquelets farcis au Couscous
This is a typical Moroccan recipe, a stuffed Cornish hen with couscous, spiced with fresh ginger and arabic gum. / Cette recette est typiquement marocaine, le coquelet farci avec du couscous, bien épicé avec du gingembre frais et gomme arabique.

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Posted by : dakinane

open office calc tutorial 3 - Inbuilt functions within Calc
This tutorial illustrates a couple of the inbuilt functions within Calc and how to configure them. It looks at Vlookup and Countif Check out the full collection at

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Posted by : GimpKnowHow

Google Text Tutorial
How to make an emulation of Google's Text. I know I only say certain search engine in the tutorial.. I guess it's too late to worry about getting sued. Besides... Free publicity! Check out my website at There is a new exclusive tutorial out, how to draw basic vectors.

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